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The Kinds of Roulette Players and Their Corresponding Strategies

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Roulette is a multi-faceted game. Some people think that it’s only a matter of choosing a number and a color. But in truth, it’s a casino game that can accommodate different players with different playing styles. The kinds of roulette players can be described by way of a spectrum, with the “Win Big or Lose Big” Players on one end and the “Slow and Steady” ones at the other end. You can be one among these two or somewhere in between. Each type has its own strategy, especially in terms of bankroll management.


Win Big or Lose Big

There are some players who thrive on games which put a lot of pressure on them. Roulette can be such a game – that is, if you want to bet on very specific numbers. There are players who think that winning small is a waste of their time. They want to win big, even if it might mean that they might occasionally have to lose big as well. These players love the thrill that comes with risking their money and going all out each time. Their casino games are much shorter but also much more exciting.

If you’re that type of player, then you should learn to maximize your bankroll. Instead of going for the single number bets at the start, try going for the six number ones. Gradually build your bankroll up from there. Then set a goal. If you reach that amount of money, then you could move up to riskier but more profitable ventures. If you fall below it again, then simply go back to your previous strategy and work your way from there. Such a casino strategy would keep your bankroll afloat and maximize it effectively.


Slow and Steady

On the other hand, if you’re one of those who like bets that aren’t too risky, then you should stick to the bets with the best odds, such as red/black or the first 18 numbers or the last 18 numbers. As usual, you should set a goal. If you reach it, you can move up to more profitable levels. If you go below it, then you can simply move back to safer waters.


Somewhere in the Middle

If you’re somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, what you should do is to split your bankroll according to your leaning. If you’re more of a safe player, allocate 70% to safe bets and 30% to risky ones – and vice versa if you’re one who loves risk.


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